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Arie Ravensbergen

Masters Student
in Applied Physics
Delft University of Technology   


Wondering why and how things grow is something I did from an early age. My dad ran a business growing flowers (including the famous Dutch tulips), with which I helped during the school holidays. He also taught me to grow my own vegetables in the kitchen garden, and we had a lot of animals at home like a dog, rabbits, chickens and pigeons. These things taught me that letting something grow in the way you want often is not easy... but also that life takes every opportunity it gets to make the most out of itself. The first serious contact with the '-logy' part of biology was here at the TU Delft with the course 'Introduction to Biophysics' which was part of the applied physics bachelor. I discovered that the huge diversity of life was based on relatively few simple 'principles', and that led me to take a minor in Life Science and Technology and do a 'bachelor end project' within the bionanoscience department. After doing the courses of the applied physics master I'm back in the department to do my master thesis.