Education / courses

Our lab engages in educating students at all levels, from high school students to graduate students. Our educational activities include teaching courses, creating teaching materials that anyone can use such as lecture notes and softwares. Below are some of these materials.

For high school students who are considering the Nanobiology bachelors program that is jointly taught by TU Delft and Erasmus Medical School in English:
Here's a reading material that gives you a flavour of the topics covered in the program and how they are taught:
  Nanobiology sampler (.pdf)   

For bachelors and masters students interested in quantitatively modelling cellular processes, here are lecture notes for a course (AP3162D at Delft) on basic models and modelling techniques in biology (updated ~weekly, as of 2018) :
  Lec 1 - Intro. & Population dynamics (.pdf)    - Intro. to dynamical systems; Logistic differential and difference eqn; Stochastic pop. dynamics.
  Lec 2 - Basic gene circuits (.pdf)    - Basics of gene-regulatory circuits; Constitutive expression; Positive feedback; Negative feedback.
  Lec 3 - Stochastic gene expression (.pdf)    - Stochastic gene expression; Master equation; Fokker-Planck equation; Adding noise by hand
  Lec 4 - Multicellular systems: Limits of concentration detection (.pdf)    - Berg-Purcell limit; Precision in developing embryo of fruit fly
  Lec 5 - Multicellular systems: Scaling spatial patterns (.pdf)    - Reaction-diffusion equation; scaling body plan with embryo's size