Sept. 25 & Oct. 16, 17 - Welcome to Pim van den Bresselar (masters student) and Stefan Hagedoorn (bachelors student).

Pim van den Bresselar begins his masters thesis project (Sept. 25) and Stefan Hagedoorn beings his bachelors thesis project (Oct. 16).

Sept. 4, 17 - Welcome to Diederik Laman Trip and Théo Maire - our new PhD students - and to Laura van Bellen - our latest bachelors student!

Diederik Laman Trip and Théo Maire started their PhD research in our lab today! Laura van Bellen started her bachelors thesis in nanobiology in our lab today! Diederik comes to us after studying mathematics and "life sciences and technologies" at University of Leiden and TU Delft. Théo Maire returns to us after doing his Masters internship with us in 2015 and finishing his masters at ENS Paris. Welcome!

July - Aug. 2017 - News from the summer: Group retreat to Brest and Masters thesis defenses by Tim Allertz and Raymond Padmos

Aug. 29 & 30, 17: Raymond Padmos and Tim Allertz successfully defended their Masters thesis. We wish Raymond all the best in his future. Tim will stay as a full-time research associate in our group to continue his project.

July 1-5, 17: Our lab went to Brest - a lovely port city in Brittany, France - for our first annual group retreat. We all had a lovely time discussing our projects, ways to improve our lab, and cooking (and eating) together!

Group trip to Brest
Group trip to Brest

June 16, 17 - New preprint - Eduardo Olimpio's work on non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of spatial pattern-forming cellular automata

A new preprint on Eduardo Olimpio's work is on bioRxiv and arXiv. In this work, Eduardo Olimpio established a statistical mechanics of spatial pattern formation. He shows that the dynamics of cellular automata, representing fields of communicating cells that form spatial patterns without morphogens, is like the dynamics of a drifting and diffusing particle. We are excited by new direction that this connection opens up for our lab and investigations of spatial pattern formations.

May 28, 17 - IUPAP Prize for our lab

Thanks to the hard work by everyone in our lab, Hyun will receive, on behalf our lab, the 2017 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Biological Physics and give a talk at the 9th IUPAP International Conference on Biological Physics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (June 5-9, 17).

May 17, 17 - Yuliia Didan joins our lab as our latest PhD student

Yuliia Didan joined our lab as a PhD student. Welcome! We look forward to her discoveries in the coming years!

April 4, 17 - Delft-Leiden's retreat to Courchevel

All of last week, our group went to Courchevel in France to participate in the NanoFront retreat along with the Bionanoscience, Quantum Nanoscience, and Leiden's Physics departments. There, Hyun presented a keynote tutorial titled "Biological physics for condensed matter physicists". But more importantly, everyone had a great time skiing/snowboarding, meeting new folks from different scientific backgrounds, and enjoying good food!


April 3, 17 - No updates for a while but a lot has happened!

Hyun recently gave a talk at the APS March meeting '17 (New Orleans, USA) in March and at the "1st Biology for Physics conference - Is there new physics in living matter" (organized by EPS) (Barcelona, Spain) in January.

Max Betjes successfully defended his bachelors thesis (December 2016).

December 5, 16 - Recent talks by Hyun

Hyun recently gave a talk at the Lyon SysBio '16 conference (Lyon, France) and at the ASCB '16 meeting (San Francisco, USA).

October 3, 16 - Welcome (back) Hirad Daneshpour!

Hirad Daneshpour begins his first day as a PhD student in our lab, after completing his Masters thesis research in our group. Welcome back, Hirad!

September 13, 16 - Welcome to our newest group members!

We welcome our first Nanobiology masters students, Tim Allertz and Raymond Padmos. Both have started their masters thesis research in our group.

July 28, 16 - Congrats to Arie, Ilja, Eduardo, and Jasper on their thesis defense!

To celebrate the recent masters and bachelors thesis defense, and to welcome the start of the summer, we went to the zuiderstrand in the Hague for a group party!

summer party summer party

May 13, 16 - We received NWO Vidi grant

We received a 5-year Vidi grant from the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). We're grateful for NWO's support.


May 12, 16 - We're moving to a new building

As of May 23, we will be in a new biosciences building at Delft.

Our new address (starting May 23):
Building 58
van der Maasweg 9
2629 HZ, Delft

April 30, 16 - Arie & Diego finish their masters thesis work

Arie R. has finished his work in our lab. Diego is staying as our lab's 3rd PhD student. We wish Arie all the best in his future! We're happy that Diego is staying with us! Arie and Diego will officially defend their masters thesis at the end of June.

April 15, 16 - Hyun gave a seminar at the Laboratoire de Physique Statistique (LPS) of l'Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris.

Laboratoire de Physique Statistique (LPS); ENS Paris

Feb. 26, 16 - Our perspective and review of progress on finding mathematical rules and physical concepts that govern multicellular systems is on the arXiv (also in press).

Eduardo P. Olimpio, Diego R. Gomez-Alvarez, and Hyun Youk - "Progress towards quantitative design principles of multicellular systems" - arXiv:1602.08526

Feb. 15, 16 - Group dinner to welcome our new bachelors thesis students

We went for a group dinner at "de wijnhaven" in Delft to welcome our new bachelors students - Ilja, Max, and Jasper (also because we were overdue for some good food)!

Group dinner - Feb 15, 2016

Everyone having a good time at dinner

Feb. 8, 16 - Welcome to Ilja Briggeman, Max Betjes, and Jasper Veerman!

Welcome to our new bachelors' thesis students - Ilja Briggeman, Max Betjes, and Jasper Veerman!

Groupe - Ilja, Max, Jasper

A groupie - (Left to Right): Jasper Veerman, Ilja Briggeman, and Max Betjes

Jan. 7, 16 - Goodbye and best wishes to Chantal Smith and Lawrence Yan

Today we say our goodbyes to Chantal Smith and Lawrence Yan. Chantal will continue her career in the Quantum Nanoscience department while Lawrence will pursue his career back in Hong Kong after his rotation in our lab. We wish them the best of luck and thank them for all they've done in our lab last year.

Farewell dinner for Lawrence - 160107

Farewell dinner for Lawrence

Dec. 15, 15 - Happy holidays!

Celebrating the holiday season and the end of our lab's 1st year! It has been a busy and a successful year for our lab, all thanks to the wonderful folks pictured below (which is why Hyun is missing...).

Lab party - 151120

Our lab and guests celebrating with a holiday dinner at Humphrey's in Rotterdam

Dec. 15, 15 - Congratulations to Eduardo Olimpio - 2015 Hendrik Casimir Prize winner!

Belated congratulations to our masters student, Eduardo Olimpio, on being awarded the 2015 Hendrik Casimir Prize! We're all very proud of his achievements!

Dec. 5, 15 - Our new review paper on connections among autocrine signaling, paracrine signaling, and quorum sensing is out today!

Congratulations to Berkalp Doganer and Lawrence Yan, whose review paper on revealing previously under-appreciated connections among autocrine signaling, paracrine signaling, and quorum sensing, is published today in Trends in Cell Biology.

Positive feedbacks and controlling signal-range

B. A. Doganer, L. K. Q. Yan, and H. Youk - Trends in Cell Biology (Dec. 2015)
   review (.pdf)   

Nov. 25, 15 - Our lab's first research paper featured on the cover of Cell Systems!

   TU Delft News   

Congratulations to Théo Maire, our former masters student, whose work in our lab was published today! Also congrats to Nuria Taberner, whose artistic rendering of Théo's work is the cover image for this issue of Cell Systems!

Cell Systems Cover

Cover image describing Théo's work by Nuria Taberner.

Nov. 20, 15 - Lab clean up day!

Well deserved drinks and snacks after cleaning the lab. Not surprisingly, everyone else except Hyun did all the cleaning!

Lab party - 151120

A groupie

Nov. 11, 15 - Talk at the "Design, Optimization, and Control in Systems and Synthetic Biology '15" (DOC'15) conference in Paris.

Hyun gave a talk at the DOC'15 in Paris.

The Pantheon
A day before the storm in Paris. None of the attendees of the DOC'15 were harmed.

Oct. 16, 15 - Happy birthday, Eve!

Happy birthday to our lab's super technician and manager, Eve! We celebrated with her own delicious homemade Dutch apple pie!

ERC (European Research Council)

Oct. 9, 15 - ERC Starting Grant for our lab

We have been awarded the ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant. We're very grateful and thank the ERC for their belief in us and our research.

ERC (European Research Council)

Aug. 24-28, 15 - Computational Biology workshop at Sainsbury, Univ. of Cambridge

Hyun is participating in the talks and discussions at the annual computational biology workshop in Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

July 31, 15 - New folks join our lab!

Like any living organism, our lab is growing! We welcome Diego Alvarez & Arie Ravensbergen as our new masters students. We also welcome those who will join us in November.

June 30, 15 - Berkalp defended his bachelor's thesis!

Berkalp is the first bachelors student to finish his/her thesis in our lab. Fortunately for us, Berkalp will stay in our lab to continue building circuits to understand life!

May 28, 15 - Funding from the NanoFront Program

Our lab received a 4-year funding from the Dutch Science Foundation's (NWO) NanoFront Program

May 26, 15 - Hyun gave a talk at the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) biophysics meeting.

Hyun gave a talk at the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) Biophysics Meeting.

May 13, 15 - Hyun gave a talk at a biophysics symposium organized by TU Delft's student group - Studievereniging Voor NanoBiologie Hooke (S.V.NB Hooke).

Hyun gave a seminar at the "Bridging the gap: From physical interactions to biological systems" symposium organized by S.V.NB Hooke at TU Delft.

April 29, 15 - Hyun gave a seminar at the Systems Bioinformatics section of Free University (VU) of Amsterdam

Hyun gave a seminar at the Systems Bioinformatics section, Free University (VU) of Amsterdam.

April 28, 15 - Celebrated Théo's birthday

Early celebration of Theo's birthday in Hyun's office

April 9, 15 - First commentary paper from our lab comes out

Théo's Preview in Cell is out.
Maire & Youk - Cell (2015)
Congrats to Théo!

March 16, 15 - Our lab's first research technician, Eve Helguero, starts her first day!

Eve Helguero, our lab's first research technician, starts her first day. Welcome Eve!

March 3, 15 - Talk at TU Eindhoven

Hyun gave a talk at the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems in TU Eindhoven.

February 17, 15 - Our lab's first dinner outing!

To celebrate the beginning of our lab, we had our first dinner outing!

Our lab's first dinner outing at Spijshuis de dis
(Pictured: Important folks who make our lab function, plus Hyun.)
"People either inspire you or they drain you. Pick them wisely." - Hans F Hansen

February 13, 15 - Talk at IBMC, Oporto, Portugal.

Hyun gave a talk at the "Systems and Synthetic Biology week" at the IBMC in Oporto, Portugal.

February 9, 15 - We welcome our lab's first Masters and Bachelors student interns!

Our lab's first Masters and Bachlors student interns, Théo Maire (pursuing M.Sc. at ENS-Paris) & Berkalp Doganer (pursuing B.Sc. in Nanobiology at TU Delft), join our lab for their 4-month internships. Welcome, Théo & Berkalp!

January 1, 15 - Our lab officially begins its first day today!

A new year and a new beginning!

November 4, 14 - Hyun gave a biophysics seminar at MIT.

Hyun presented his past work and research that our lab is now beginning to carry out in MIT's biophysics seminar series.

September 30, 14 - Hyun gave a seminar at Purdue University's physics department.

Hyun gave a biological physics seminar at Purdue University's physics department.

September 3-5, 14 - Hyun gave a talk at the "Physics meets Biology - 2014" conference.

Hyun presented at "Physics meets biology: 2014" conference held at the University of Oxford.

August 13, 14 - Our lab website goes online!

Testing, 1-2-3... "Hello world!"... We are currently setting up our physical lab which will officially open in January 2015. But our website is now online!